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the Rock Pile, (a Division of Paul Reed Construction and Supply, Inc) is a locally owned and operated business that is proud to support the Wyo-Braska region while helping to take the hassle out of landscaping. We not only supply landscaping materials to retail residents, but to landscapers and general contractors as well.

We also offer a variety of service work, including hauling services with 4 different methods:
>> 7 yard end-dump with spreading capability
>> 12 yard end-dump with spreading capability
>> 25 yard tractor trailer side dump
>> 25 yard tractor trailer belly dump

Other services include grading, spreading, and placement of any of our products with a skid-steer, backhoe, loader or grader; as well as excavation. 
The Rock Pile Gives Back
Since 1996, The Rock Pile has provided the construction industry with significant economic and environmental benefits by recycling clean concrete rubble and asphalt into landscaping materials. By utilizing crushed concrete products, anyone from homeowners, to landscapers, to general contractors, can help reduce land- filled concrete waste, conserve natural resources, avoid dumping fees in landfills, and get the most cost-effective aggregate on the market: the crushed concrete generated from The Rock Pile provides an extremely cost-effective alternative to natural aggregates.

We take any concrete or asphalt materials, free of debris or waste please, for a small fee.  Help us to assist the panhandle in recycling materials because we can help you and your project by being environmentally friendly and saving money while doing it.
Established in 1996, The Rock Pile has steadily grown from its birth as a small crushing entity to a full service landscaping company specializing in landscaping materials. The Rock Pile offers a variety of quality materials at competitive prices, such as:  crushed concrete and asphalt, boulders, decorative rock and gravel, a variety of mulches, dirt and sands. All of our products are available in bulk and weighed here in the yard by our Cardinal scale system for your convenience.  Click here for our handy calculator to estimate your project requirements.

We can deliver any product from our inventory, or go quarry direct on larger quantities.  Also, we can construct parking lots and driveways of any size and depth completed with our crushed concrete or crushed asphalt products.
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Outdoor Furniture from the Rock Pile
Multi Colored Rock from the Rock Pile
Cedar Mulch from the Rock Pile
Cherokee Boulder from the Rock Pile
Red Fine from the Rock Pile
Red Mountain Mulch from the Rock Pile
Redwood Mulch from the Rock Pile